Update (9/28/11): For the latest GadgetPlex episodes, see the Menu Selection "GadgetPlex Episodes" under "Technology Articles" on the lower right hand menu.

GadgetPlex is the show about gadgets for RV'ers, by RV'ers! In it, I (Phil May) together with my co-hosts Andy McCaskey and Dave Dufour, talk about common Rv'ing issues and how high-tech gadgets and gizmos can help. It's educational, it's fun, and it's free. Questions? leave me a voicemail at 1-877-578-7866, ext 703 or drop me an email at GadgetPlex.

Here's some of the early episodes that have been uploaded to YouTube (for a full list, visit GadgetPlex on RVNN):

GadgetPlex Episode 1

In Episode 1 we talk provide an introduction to TechnoRV (as if you need one!), and our Product Testing Program.

GadgetPlex on RVNN
GadgetPlex on RVNN
Here's how you can get involved. First, you can check out the GadgetPlex homepage on RV Newsnet (RVNN) for the latest GadgetPlex shows. In addition to GadgetPlex, you'll find lots of other fun and useful RV shows such as "Ask the Professor", "Just a Gypsy" and "RV Kitchen" to name just a few.

RVNN LiveTo watch GadgetPlex being filmed live, you can visit the RVNN UStream Feed, register and then watch beind the screens, ask questions and chat to other viewers.

If you'd like to get notification of when we're live, simply text RVNN to 72727.

RVNN YouTube
Alternatively, you can watch the videos on the RVNN YouTube Channel or right here on TechnoRV. 


RVNN iTunesIf you'd like to watch and listen to both Gadgplex and the other RVNN shows from your iPod, iPad or other gadget or gizmo, you can do that offline by downloading them as a podcast. Simply visit the RVNN iTunes Channel and select what series you'd like to subscribe to.


RVNN has a FaceBook page, Like, and receive notifications, updates and a whole lot more!


RVNN also has a Twitter feed which is a great way for keeping updated.

Have we missed anything??

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