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10 ft. RG58 Low Loss Foam Coax WeBoost 10 ft. RG58 Low Loss Coax Cable

This is the 10 ft adaptor cable that will work for the inside panel antenna to the RV-4G kit. Some customers add the wall Panel inside antenna to their RV-4G kit, and in order to do this you need this cable to convert and attach to the RV-4G amplifier.

Sale Price: $14.99
Grounding Plane for magnetic antennas Grounding Plane 8 inch by 8 inch

This is the perfect grounding plane for your magnetic mount cellular antenna. You can affix this metal plate to the roof of your RV with a suitable epoxy or super strength double side tape.
This grounding plane is an 8 inch by 8 inch, 22 gauge, galvanized plate. This is the correct amount of surface area you will need for your magentic mount antenna.

Sale Price: $15.99
WeBoost Mini Magnet Antenna

This mini magnetic antenna is the one that comes with the Drive 4G-X and Drive 4G-M kits. If you are looking to replace or get an extra one for one of these kits then this is the one to get.
Multi-Band Mini Magnet Mount Antenna. 4.18 inch Vehicle Antenna For Mobile Cell Phone Signal Boosters with 12.5 ft of RG-174 Cable and SMA-Male Connector. 50 Ohm, 301126 Mobile Omni-Antenna Receives Signals From All Directions.

Sale Price: $19.99
WeBoost 15 ft. RG58 Low Loss Foam Coax Cable

This 15 foot cable can be used to extend the length of the inside antenna cable on your Drive 4G-M, Drive 4G-X, and RV-4G kit, and it can be used to extend the outside antenna cable length on the Drive 4G-M and 4G-X (will not extend outside antenna cable for the RV-4G).

Sale Price: $24.99
WeBoost AC Power Supply for Drive Kits

This is the AC power supply that works with the Drive 4G-M and Drive 4G-X. These kits come with a 12 volt power supply, but many customers would also like a AC power supply to plug into a standard wall outlet.

WeBoost 859948 AC Power Supply WeBoost AC Power Supply for RV 4G

This is the AC power supply for the Weboost RV-4G. If you are looking to add another power supply as a back up, or replace the one you have, this is the correct power supply for the RV-4G kit.

Sale Price: $25.99
WeBoost Desktop Antenna

This desktop inside antenna is a great addition to the Drive 4G-M or Drive 4G-X. The 4G Drive kits come with the smaller flat bar inside antenna. By adding this dektop antenna as a replacement of the smaller flat bar that comes with these kits you will get more projection of the booster signal.

Sale Price: $29.99
Grounding plane for magnetic antenna Grounding Plane for PVC Pole

This is an 8 inch by 10 inch, 22 gauge, galvanized grounding plane that has a 1 inch PVC slip to 3/4 thread adapter inserted into one end so you can easily mount your grounding plane on a 1 inch PVC pole. We have also turned the edged for added strength. This works great with the TechnoRV Suction Cup Mount. The PVC pole is NOT included with this product. If you use this product with the TechnoRV Suction Cup Mount then we recommend a 1 inch by 5 foot PVC pole.

Sale Price: $29.99

Weboost Low Profile Inside Antenna

This low profile antenna is the replacement antenna in the 4G-X cellular boosting kit. It is also a great addition to the 4G-X RV kit.

Sale Price: $29.99
WeBoost 4G Interior Wall Mount Panel Antenna

This directional inside panel antenna is a great addition to the RV-4G kit. This will give you more coverage area in your RV over the desktop antenna that comes with the kit.

Sale Price: $84.99
WeBoost 4G-OTR Antenna - Truck Edition

The OTR Antenna can be used with the Drive 4G-M and Drive 4G-X systems. This can give you a different mounting option over the magnetic mount antenna that comes with those kits. While the power ratings are similar to the magnetic mount antennas, some customers say they see more gains because of the extra height on this antenna.

Sale Price: $99.99