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Staying connected while on the road is not an easy thing to do. If you want to explore the best our country has to offer then you will certainly find yourself in areas of poor cellular coverage. The solution to dropped calls, slow internet, and interrupted connections is to use a cell phone booster. The WeBoost (formerly known as Wilson Electronics) cell phone boosters are widely known as the highest quality units on the market. TechnoRV has thoroughly tested these units, and they make a massive difference in cell coverage. TechnoRV travels fulltime and we must stay connected to assist our customers. We use a WeBoost cell booster as a part of our arsenal to stay connected. I have gone from an unusable cell signal to enough signal to run my entire business by simply using one of these units. They work!

All of the models we sell use the 4G-X Amplifier. This is the most powerful unit on the market. Below you will find a category that includes our cellular boosting kits, and a category that includes a full complement of accessories for these cell boosting kits. Choose the unit that is right for you and get one today! If you need assistance in deciding what is right for you then feel free to email us at