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Camp Pro 2 Kit Released

Camp Pro 2 Kit Released

Posted by Eric Johnson on May 1st 2018

  • Alfa released a new WiFi Camp Pro 2 Kit that has an upgraded Repeater.
  • The Repeater has faster throughput speeds and manages multiple users better.
  • The kit has an easier setup process than the original Camp Pro.
  • TechnoRV provides a Learning Series with pictures and videos to assist in setup.

The Alfa Camp Pro WiFi boosting kit has been one of the most popular all in one kits on the market, and now TechnoRV has released the WiFi Camp Pro 2 Kit. There is a lot about this kit that remains the same, but there are some key changes that have been made that will enhance this kits performance.

The kit will still come with everything you need to boost WiFi, including a 1-watt transmitter and a 9 dB gain omni-directional antenna. This is plenty of power to address issues in most RV parks and some more unique scenarios of boondocking or driveway surfing. The kit comes with a 24-foot USB cable to connect the outside antenna to the inside repeater. You also receive a AC and DC power supply, so whether you are plugging into a wall outlet or a cigarette style plug, you are covered.

There are a few differences between the WiFi Camp Pro kit and the new WiFi Camp Pro Kit 2, and they all revolve around the R36 Repeater. Each kit comes with a Repeater and the original Camp Pro Kit called the Repeater the R36, and the Camp Pro 2 Kit calls the Repeater the R36A.

The new R36A has some internal hardware enhancements that allow for faster throughput speeds. The repeater’s purpose is to create you a hotspot in your RV. So instead of you trying to connect to the RV Park’s access point that may be 200 yards away, you simply connect wirelessly to the R36A that sits in your RV and it delivers you the booster signal from the outside antenna. By the nature of what a repeater is, it splits the signal from the original source so that multiple users can wirelessly connect and enjoy the boosted signal. The problem can come with the level that the signal is split. The more it is split, the slower the speeds will be to the end user, and in some cases it can choke the speeds down to a snails crawl.

For example, if you have an access point that you are connecting to that can, at its best, produce 25 mbps download speed, then you would expect to get less than that once it is brought through a repeater and rebroadcast wirelessly. Of course, as an RVer, this is perfectly fine as in most cases we would not be able to get any of the 25 mbps without a booster, so if we were able to get access to say 6 to 8 mbps then we would be pleased with this. The new Camp Pro 2 kit will allow more speeds through, and another enhancement is its ability to manage these speeds with multiple users much better.

The other big change in the new WiFi Camp Pro 2 Kit is that the setup process is much easier than the original Camp Pro Kit. The setup process is much easier and can be completed in only a few quick steps, as opposed to the original Camp Pro Kit that had steps that were not necessary or easy to understand. TechnoRV sends a Learning Series with each WiFi Camp Pro 2 Kit that includes written instructions and a video showing how to put the system together and how to connect it to the access point. It really is a lot easier than the original version.

Lastly, if you already have the original Camp Pro Kit, then we will soon have available the R36A as an individual product. Since this is the only thing that has changed from the original Camp Pro to the Camp Pro 2, then those that own the original Camp Pro Kit will be able to purchase the R36A and get the benefits of the new Camp Pro 2 without having to buy the entire system. As soon as we get the individual R36As in then we will let you know, but it is looking like they will be available in June. Camp Pro 2 kits are available now if you have been looking at getting a WiFi boosting kit for your RV.

If you are just getting started or want to upgrade your entire system, check out the WIFI Bundle that includes the Camp Pro 2 kit, the TechnoRV Suction Cup Mount, antenna, and desktop booster.

If you have more questions about our WiFi boosters, email us here.