Rand McNally OverDryve 7 RV

Rand McNally OverDryve 7 RV

Posted by Eric Johnson on Nov 6th 2017

The Rand McNally OverDryve 7 RV is the Cadillac of all RV GPS units, and sells for only $399.99. Customers have been asking if any of our GPS units have voice controls, and now the answer is “YES!” The new OverDryve has all the features of the Tablet 70, including the award winning navigation, live traffic, weather, and fuel prices, free lifetime maps, Tripmaker, Rand McNally Road Atlas, built in dash camera, magnetic mount with GPS boost, and all built on an Android tablet. The magnetic mount not only has a GPS boost but with the OverDryve it comes with a 3 watt speaker built into the mount and also a FM transmitter that will allow you to run the volume through the RV or truck’s radio system. The OverDryve is a 7 inch Android Tablet so you can connect to WiFi and check email, watch a movie, and download plenty of Apps from the Amazon App Store. In addition, the OverDryve utilizes hands-free Bluetooth to allow you to wirelessly connect your smart phone to the OverDryve GPS and see phone calls and text messages right on the screen. You can respond to text and answer phone calls with voice command. This unit has it all, and is a complete home run for TechnoRV.

Check out our unboxing video!

Lastly, we also have the TechnoRV Learning Series for the new OverDryve GPS, and all for $399.99. I cant resist sharing:- Camping World is selling these for $499.99 regularly and on sale for $449.99, and they offer no support. This is not the MSRP from Rand; they are marking the MSRP up so they can discount it, and then still sell it at higher than MSRP.

I like our business model better: lower prices, free shipping, plus our Learning Series!