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RV Propane Safety and GasStop

RV Propane Safety and GasStop

Posted by Eric Johnson on Oct 7th 2019

TechnoRV is very proud to roll out a product that we believe anyone that has propane tanks on board should have as a safety precaution: GasStop. Before we talk about the solution, let's look at what problems exist in the first place.

What's the problem with current propane systems?

The problem that exists in RV propane systems is that if there is a leak, there is no device that can 100% shut off the propane going into your RV. Let’s take a look at the current technology to assist with propane leaks in a RV. The valve at the propane tank, called an overflow protection device (OPD valve), can be turned on and nothing with come out of it, as long as nothing is attached to the valve. Some of you may remember many years ago, before 1998, this valve did not have any mechanism to control flow once it was turned on. You could turn the valve on, and propane would freely flow. With the new OPD valve, if you turn on the propane tank, nothing will come out, unless you attach a propane hose to the OPD valve. This is a great safety measure and it works great. The problem exists when you attach the RV propane regulator to the OPD valve. Now when you turn the propane tank on at the OPD valve, the safety mechanism in the OPD valve is useless. The safety mechanism at this point transfers to the regulator that you just attached to the OPD valve.

Your RVs propane connection does have a excess flow valve that essentially is a spring loaded cylinder at the connection point that acts only if the flow exceeds over double of what a normal flow rate should be. Once the excess flow valve detects this large leak then it has the ability to cut off about 80% of the leak, the other 20% will flow freely into your RV.

So what's the solution to propane tank safety?

The product that can 100% and automatically stop the flow of propane when there is a propane leak is called GasStop. This is a high quality device that is attached between the OPD valve and the RV’s propane hose. With this unit, if the flow rate is above a regular operating flow, then the unit will 100% stop the flow, thus saving your RV from filling with propane. So this unit will of course not affect regular use, but if a leak starts in the system, it will identify that and completely shut off the flow to your RV.

The flow shut off in the GasStop is performed by a ball bearing sealing on an O-ring. The ball bearing is calibrated to shut-off when a specific excess of flow is achieved. The excess of flow is calibrated to match the density, acceleration and mass flow rate of the RVs propane system, so if a major leak creates a pressure differential between the tank side and downstream side of the ball bearing—the higher pressure from the tank side will seat the ball bearing securely into the O-ring and 100% shut off the flow of propane.

Every single RV in America should have this unit, and they are not expensive to get, and now you can get it at TechnoRV!

GasStop Propane Safety

Where can propane leaks occur in my RV?

A leak can happen anywhere you have propane running too, like the stove, water heater, refrigerators and heaters. Then, there are the connection points that can leak, and finally the issue of a propane line being damaged. You could have a rodent chew through a line, or a tire blow out that cuts a line, or even the line just rubbing up against a object while traveling. Of course, if you are traveling then you should shut your propane off, but statistics show that the majority of RVers do not turn off their propane, or at least forget on occasion. The reasons for leaks are really irrelevant, the fact is that propane leaks do happen to RVers, and more often than you may think.

GasStop Options and Features

There are two different GasStop styles because there are two different types of propane tanks that you will see in a RV. For the Class A and Class C units, you will need the POL style GasStop connection, and the towables will have the standard acme style propane connections. Installation is as easy as screwing the GasStop device onto your propane tank, then attaching your RV propane line to the GasStop device. Once you have the unit physically attached then you simply prime the Gastop Device and you are ready to go. Remember, if you have two propane tanks in your RV, then you will need to get two GasStop devices.

Another great feature of the GasStop device is that you can use it to check for leaks in your RV. Just put the unit on and charge the system, making sure all of the propane devices are turned off in the RV, let it set for about 5 minutes. If the GasStop gauge does not move, then there is no leak at that time. Checking for propane leaks used to involve special tools and a lot more time, and with this device it can be done quickly.

I made a video because I wanted to show you how the GasStop unit works, and how easy it is to install. Watch the video and let us know if you have any questions, otherwise, you can go ahead and buy one of these devices at TechnoRV now. Remember, if you have two propane tanks, then you will need to get two GasStop devices. We love bringing you the latest in technology and design, and when we saw this unit we knew we had to start selling it. After testing the unit a hundred or so times and feeling the quality in the unit, we loaded them up in our warehouse and are presenting them to our newsletter list first. Eventually every RV in America will have these units on them because it is a necessity in the RV market.

Ready to add a GasStop to your RV propane tank? Click here to see both GasStop options at TechnoRV.