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Surge Guard Releases New Total Electrical Protection Systems

Surge Guard Releases New Total Electrical Protection Systems

Posted by Eric Johnson on Feb 28th 2018

The new portable Surge Guard units are the 34930 and 34950 for 30 and 50 amp RVs respectively. These new units were released in February 2018. There are some very unique features that only these units offer, and they’re total game changers in the electrical protection market. Whether you’re already a fan of the Surge Guards or prefer another brand, the features of this unit are going to instantly make it the best unit on the market. I want to point out separately how this unit compares to what other units do, and then what it does that other units can’t.

Most RV electrical protection systems are designed to do the same thing. When you plug them in, they analyze the pedestal to ensure that there is a proper ground and neutral, no reverse polarity issues, and no immediate high or low voltage issues. Once the analysis is complete and the pedestal checks out, the unit will release power to your RV. While running, the unit continues to protect against surges and high or low voltage issues.

If you own an electrical protection system, then you know that the analysis of the pedestal takes about 128 seconds. You also know that can feel like an eternity when you’re waiting for power. With the new Surge Guard, analysis of the pedestal takes only 10 seconds. For me, this is a great feature. I know some RVers like to test the pedestal before they even start setting up their RV, and with this unit you can do that in 10 seconds flat.

A quick word on the quality of the Surge Guard: they’re owned by Southwire, the largest producer of electrical cabling in North America - so it’s safe to say that these guys know electricity. Surge Guard uses Zettler controls in each unit, so there are no cheap components to worry about. All of the cabling and plugs on the Surge Guard units are Southwire designs used in most electrical industries. To put it mildly, these units are built with a high degree of precision and quality.

Although RV electrical protection systems have always been designed to protect your RV from bad power coming from a pedestal. the engineers at Surge Guard kept running into issues where customers were having electrical problems or damage to RV components, even when plugged into a protection system. Surge Guard started evaluating those cases and realized that the voltage could be good going into the RV, but if the RV had an open neutral, then major issues could occur - and no unit on the market was covering this. So now they do!

All current brands and models of electrical protection only detect issues with the incoming power. The new Surge Guard detects open neutral conditions inside of the RV, and protects against elevated ground currents from inside the RV. Now there is not only line-side protection, but also load-side protection.

Open neutral or elevated voltage issues may be more common than you think. Poor connections in the junction box, transfer switch, or main breaker panel can be serious issues, and are rather common because of the vibration and banging around on the road which occurs during travel.

Another improvement that Surge Guard made was increasing the receptacle brass thickness to reduce heat. Over time, the brass receivers in the inlet can get loose, and a thicker brass receptacle on the Surge Guard will help maintain connection in those situations.

Surge Guard also added a locking ring to secure the unit to the pedestal, and you can easily run a cable lock through it and around the pedestal. You could even chain it, and put the lock through the locking ring.

As far as surge protection, the Surge Guard has the highest level of surge protection of any unit on the market. The new model has 4200 joules of protection. Its closest competitor is a Progressive with 3580 joules of protection.

For some time now, I’ve had RVers asking me about why the Surge Guard doesn’t have a better warranty. Those days are over, as not only do these units offer the best protection on the market, but they now have the best warranty on the market as well. The new Surge Guard units offer a lifetime warranty and connected equipment coverage. Surge Guard is so confident in this unit that they will pay the cost to replace any components damaged due to a failure of their equipment.

Let’s review the key features of the new units:

10-second pedestal analysis

Patented load-side open neutral protection

Elevated ground current protection on the RV side

Increased brass receptacle thickness to reduce heat

Highest level of surge protection of any unit on the market

Lifetime warranty with connected equipment coverage

Tami and I are full-time RVers and we only sell what we have tested and believe to be the best on the market. We are proud to work closely with all of our suppliers and give them input from the road on how they can improve their products. Many times, we have had customers like yourself give us input and we have been able to get that information to our supplies so they can improve.

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