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TST Releases a New Flow Thru Sensor to the 507 TPMS Series

TST Releases a New Flow Thru Sensor to the 507 TPMS Series

Posted by Eric Johnson on May 1st 2018

  • TST releases a new flow thru sensor to add to its 507 TPMS series.
  • Improvement to the length and flow rate were made.
  • The sensor can be used with any 507 monitor and can be combined with existing sensors.
  • TST has been purchased by PSI and continues to be a leader in the TPMS market.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) is a must have for RVers and Truck Systems Technology (TST) is a leader in quality, customer service, and product development.  They released the first color monitor on the market only months ago, and now TST has released a new Flow Thru Sensor for their 507 Tire Pressure Monitoring System.  It is an updated design that provides several improvements.

The first improvement of the 507 Flow Thru Sensor is that it is a bit shorter than the original sensor. By design, the flow thru sensors stick out more than the TST cap sensors, and this causes them to have more movement on the valve stem while in motion. Flow Thru Sensors are recommended for metal valve stems only for this reason. To reduce the length of the flow thru sensor, TST built the brass collar that used to be on the outside of the sensor into the sensor itself. This adds stability to the sensor and has taken away the chance of having a leak at that collar. The new design is more compact and feels sturdier.

TST has also addressed the previous sensor flow rates while airing up through the sensor. The new flow thru sensor has a flow rate that is up to 4 times faster than the flow rate of the original design. This will be helpful if you are putting a lot of air in your tire at one time. If you are just putting a pound or two in, then you may not notice the difference.

The new TST Flow Thru Sensor still has a user replaceable battery that lasts about one year with regular use. Changing the battery is very easy and the sensor takes the same CR1632 battery as the original flow thru sensor. The cap sensor takes the CR1632 battery as well. TechnoRV has battery changing kits available online that includes the CR1632 batteries, o-rings, a few screws, and the screwdriver needed to open the sensor.

The great thing about using a TST 507 TPMS is that all of the TST 507 products work together: sensors, monitors, and repeaters. You can use both the old and new 507 flow thru sensor with the older 507 black and white monitor or the new 507 color monitor. You can also mix and match the 507 flow thru sensors and the 507 cap sensors into one 507 monitor. All of this works with the 507 TST Signal Repeater as well. The combinations are endless, and it allows you to upgrade your system without having to buy a completely new system. All systems and products come with TST’s 3-year comprehensive warranty.

TST was purchased by Pressure Systems International (PSI) this past year, and they continue to be the leader in TPMS. PSI is the largest manufacturer of automatic tire inflation systems in world, and they have a great reputation in the trucking industry. With the new ownership, I am seeing a great deal of emphasis on always making sure that TST remains the top TPMS on the market.

As full time RVers and users of TST, we know there is no better TPMS system on the market for RVers. Their customer service, quality, and affordability are only a few of the reasons we choose to sell them. No electronics are without issues, but TST stands behind their products, and once you become a TST user, you are well taken care of. You can even find a TST representative at most of the RV shows and rallies checking on customers and ensuring the TST product is meeting the needs of their customers. What other TPMS company does that?

To shop the entire line of TST 507 Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems on TechnoRV, including the new Flow Thru Sensor, click here.

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