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Backing in the RV Without Getting a Divorce

Backing in the RV Without Getting a Divorce

Posted by Eric Johnson on Feb 24th 2017

When we became RVers, one of the first things we noticed was the entertainment you can get from watching couples try to work together to back a RV into their RV spot. It usually ends with the driver getting ticked off at the spotter, and the spotter thinking the driver is an idiot because they can’t follow simple instructions. I have seen RVs drag picnic tables, tow cars side swipe trees, and awnings nearly ripped off. One time we even got hit by a RV after the driver got so upset that they gave up and told the spotter to do it. The spotter had never driven a RV, but was so determined to show that it could be done that she ran right into us. Now the only reason this is entertaining is because we are not exempt from our own mistakes, and it is painfully real to us because we have had a few bumps along the way ourselves. Maybe you have seen this video of us explaining damage to our RV only a month after we bought it. A good test of a marriage can be seen daily as RVers around the country work with their spouse to back in their RV.

Needless to say, we have studied all of the different methods of communication while backing into a RV spot. There are recommended hand signals, special terms and backing up techniques all over the internet, and maybe you have found something that works for you. We stumbled on our method of backing up by accident. It's not that we were horrible at it, but there were certainly moments of wondering what Tami meant when she said turn right. Did this mean my right or her right? Do you mean make the back of my RV go right, or are you talking about steering to the right? At some point it hit Tami on what would be best. So here is our method of backing up the RV and keeping our marriage intact.

Tami now just tells me exactly which way to turn my steering wheel as if she were driving. I am like a robot just doing what she tells me. So now instead of me hearing things like “Go left,” or “The back end needs to be more to the right," all I hear is, “Turn the steering wheel to the left; now stop; now come back until I tell you to stop; now stop; now straighten your front wheels and come straight back. Done! I could literally close my eyes and just do what she tells me to do with the steering wheel, and we would be fine. Now this does require the spotter to know what the effect on the RV is by turning the steering wheel a certain way, but that is easily learned. We have backed into places so tight that you couldn’t fit a greased BB in between us and the next RV, but it is not a problem anymore. Maybe this could work for you or maybe there is a better method for you, but we wanted to share this method that works flawlessly for us. Now our back in and set ups are stress free!