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Do I need a WiFi Booster or a Cell Booster?

Do I need a WiFi Booster or a Cell Booster?

Posted by Eric Johnson on Jun 24th 2015

We received a support call the other day and the question was about our Wi-Fi booster products. The customer was saying she needed to boost the Wi-Fi signal in her RV. I proceeded to explain to her about our awesome Wi-Fi products including the Desktop Booster, the External Booster Tube, the Yagi antenna and the Repeater. I was rather proud of my presentation and then she asked if this will help her Verizon MiFi get better signal. OK, I had to back up. Are you needing to boost the Wi-Fi signal from another location into your RV? Or are you trying to get better signal for your Verizon MiFi? These are two totally different issues, and as it turns out, she was wanting to get better signal to her Verizon MiFi. I then explained that her MiFi was a cellular signal, not a Wi-Fi signal, and that a Wi-Fi booster would do absolutely nothing to help her, so much for my great presentation. What she needed is a cell phone signal booster, which of course, TechnoRV sells as well. I then explained to her that Wi-Fi is always best if you have access to it as it does not eat away at your data plan like the Verizon MiFi will do.

As we all know, sometimes Wi-Fi is not available and when we must have Internet access, then the Verizon or ATT MiFi may be the way to go. Even then we all know that cell signal can be sketchy at times. You should never leave home on a long trip, to who knows where, without a cell phone booster. Cell phone boosters are a little more pricey than Wi-Fi booster, but when you are struggling to get cell signal you would pay anything in that moment. If you add a cell phone booster to your RV arsenal it will certainly make your trips much more enjoyable, and you will have fewer incidence of lost cell phone signal. We offer a Cell Boosting product from WeBoost that is the top of the line in cell phone boosters. These boosters employ an outside antenna that runs inside to an amplifier and then feeds that boosted signal to an inside antenna. I currently use this model and do not know how I would get along without it sincemost of my business is run from my RV on the road.                                                                  Weboost 4G-M Drive

We offer the Weboost Sleek, which is a single user booster, and the most economical cell booster we carry. This is great to use while driving in the RV or car as the phone needs to rest in the cradle to get the boosted signal. The Weboost 4-GM 5 band booster allows for more freedom as there is an inside antenna that as long as you are within a few feet of it, you get the benefit of the boosted cell signal. This is great for the casual user that wants to always be connected and wants the freedom to move around the RV. Coming soon (June 2015) is the Weboost 4-G X, which will be our most powerful cell booster yet. This is for the serious user that may even run a business from their RV, and want the best assurance for getting the best cell signal for all kinds of uploads and downloads. Check all of our cell phone boosters out at TechnoRV and never be frustrated with low cell signal again.

Safe Travels,

Eric Johnson