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Do WiFi Boosters Work?

Do WiFi Boosters Work?

Posted by Eric Johnson on Mar 25th 2016

Considering a Wi-Fi boosting product but you aren't sure if they really make a difference? Listen to what some fellow RVers have to say about the Wi-Fi products they bought from us recently:


"Before we got this, we were having all kinds of problems getting & staying on the Wi-Fi connection at the RV park we were staying at. Now we are not only able to get on & stay on, but have excellent download speeds. If you have more than one wireless device, that you want to use, this makes the job of having multiple devices on an RV parks' Wi-Fi, so easy & quick."

- Sisters, OR United States


"Love this unit. Solved our shaky RV campground wi-fi reception problem. Easy to use, DVD does all the work. If you have wi-fi reception issues, buy it. Does what you need. Allows multiple users to receive the boosted wi-fi. Nice unit, I'd buy it again."

- Fargo, ND United States


"Easily connected three laptops, two cellphones, two tablets and WiFi printer. Made printing much easier than having to transfer USB cable between laptops. Signal much greater than existing WiFi."

- Daytona Beach, FL United States


"I mounted the booster on my "bat wing" TV antenna. Now one week along I couldn't be happier!!

We use this repeater in conjunction with the recommended booster tube and it has exceeded my expectations. Before getting this product, RV park wifi was hit or miss and always frustratIng. Now it's rock solid! It's also comforting to know that we have an extra layer of security."

- Houston, TX United States