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Don't Forget About Preventative Maintenance for Your RV

Don't Forget About Preventative Maintenance for Your RV

Posted by Eric Johnson on Nov 16th 2015

I recently performed some preventative maintenance on my RV and thought I would just briefly share this with you in case you need a reminder to do the same. Performing preventative maintenance on your RV can certainly get away from you if you don’t make a list and stick to it. As you know, driving down the road with your house can cause some issue, and routinely checking your RV systems can save you a headache down the road.

TechnoRV is going to be offering maintenance products soon like lubricants, sealants, battery cleaners and protectors, tank maintenance solutions, and much more. As I perform maintenance on my RV, I try different products to see which works best in my opinion, and these will be the ones I eventually share with you for your RV. Here are some items I took care of recently:

1) I cleaned and conditioned my RV roof. I was testing several products here, and there were clear differences in performance. As soon as I reach a conclusion on recommendations I will write an update.

2) I changed my RV water Filter. I am doing some research on this as well as the filter I was using did not do a great job. I had ordered several different types and brands and this may take some time to test these and come to a conclusion.

3) I inspected, cleaned and protected my battery terminals -- again, more product testing on this as well.

It is the little things that we do that keep our RVs running great for years and years. Some suggestions to put on your maintenance list are:

1) Clean your RV! We pick up a great deal of road grime and bugs as we travel and these are not good for the finish or decals on your RV. In additions, moving parts get exposed to the dirt and this can cause problems over time.

2) Grab a screwdriver and wrench and walk around your RV, inside and outside, and tighten screws and bolts. When I first started doing this I was surprised at the number of loose screws and bolts I had.

3) Lubricate moving parts. Moving parts need lubrication, enough said.

4) Check the seals and seams for cracking and leaks.

5) Look on the underside of your RV to see if anything is breaking loose or not set properly. The other day I found a piece of molding under one of my slides that was about to come off, and I reset it and tightened it down, otherwise it would have come off after a few more trips.

6) Batteries – clean, protect, and check fluid levels.

7) Clean and condition your roof.

8) Take a look at your electrical systems routinely.

These are all things that we can most likely do on our own. I am stunned at the price that RV dealers charge to do these type of preventative maintenance procedures. There will usually be package deals and some can run in the thousands of dollars. Take care of the items that you can take care of and save the trip to the dealer for the things you can’t do.