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How Can I Get a Better WiFi Signal in my RV?

How Can I Get a Better WiFi Signal in my RV?

Posted by Eric Johnson on Oct 21st 2016

The topic of “good” Wi-Fi can be a frustrating topic for RVers and the RV Park owners. Why Can’t RV Park Wi-Fi be better? The number one rated amenity in RV parks now is Wi-Fi. Even though RVing can be seen as a way to get away from normal life, we just can’t seem to totally disconnect from being connected. A lot of what we do is wrapped up in our ability to connect to internet for things like banking, social media, shopping, searching for things to do, and much more. The RV parks get the message loud and clear, and many of them are doing their part to provide us with good Wi-Fi. You might be thinking, where are these RV parks with good Wi-Fi? Well, they are all over the place, and the problem with having a good Wi-Fi experience might just be your problem, and not the RV parks Wi-Fi system. How dare I say that! Let’s look at the Wi-Fi equation and see what I am talking about.

The RV Park is responsible for providing enough bandwidth for its patrons. If the park appropriates correctly, then everyone should have a positive experience. Now I am not letting the parks off the hook completely here, but in their defense, should the park pay for the equipment and bandwidth with the assumption that the park will be full all the time? No business would agree to that. It is like a gym membership, if everyone that was a member of the gym showed up at the same time the Fire Marshall would shut the place down due to overcrowding. The gym is not set up with the assumption that everyone will be there all at once, and parks can’t set their systems up with an assumption of 100% occupancy. Even if a park did set there Wi-Fi system up with a 100% occupancy assumption, then the variable is how much bandwidth is each RVer going to use. If you get a dozen RVers streaming video all night, then that is going to drag the system down. Some parks ask that you do not stream video. Have you ever had bad park Wi-Fi from 5-9 pm at night, and then all of the sudden it got a little better? That is because during peak times there are more people eating up the bandwidth. It is a bit of a moving target for the park owners, and understandable that they struggle with the dialing in on the appropriate Wi-Fi set up for their park.

Truth is that most RVers wouldn’t know it if the park was doing a good job or not with their bandwidth because what you are trying to connect to the access point with is not designed to connect to it effectively. Let me explain, the internal Wi-Fi adaptor in your devices, whether it be smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc., are designed to pick up a Wi-Fi signal from a very short distance. Now we are asking these adaptors to connect to access points from a hundred feet away to hundreds of yards away. In most cases our internal adaptors can’t even hear the signal from these access points much less connect to it. Then, if you can connect to it, you are constantly losing connection or the connection is slow. Here is where the finger pointing begins. The end user blames it on the RV Park, and the park says their system is working fine. The end user goes and writes a bad review on the park, and the park is left frustrated in a no win situation.

TechnoRV WiFi Boosters for RVers

I believe the RV parks get it, we want our Wi-Fi, and if we don’t get it we are not going to be happy. As the end user, we should at least make sure we are doing our part before we start pointing our finger at the RV Park as the problem. Wouldn’t it be horrible if you left a bad review on a park, but really the problem was you and your inadequate Wi-Fi adaptor? There are solutions to taking care of the end users issues, and they are calledWi-Fi boosters. These boosters do not affect the parks performance, but do give you as the end user the ability to effectively connect to the parks Wi-Fi from long distances. Here is how it works. In essence you are replacing your internal Wi-Fi adaptor with an external booster that is much more powerful, and well equipped to meet your needs at the RV Park. To connect to Wi-Fi access points you have to have the power to send your request, and the power to hear the signal come back to you. Your internal Wi-Fi adaptor in your device has about 0.02 - 0.08 of a watt of power to send your request to the access point.

The Desktop Booster from TechnoRV has a full 2 watts of power; that is 10 times more powerful. To hear the signal come back from the access point, you need an antenna. Your internal device likely has an internal antenna rated at about 1Db of gain. The TechnoRV Desktop booster has 5 Db of gain, and the External WiFi Booster Tube has 8 Db of gain. Your experience in most cases will be improved greatly by adding a Wi-Fi Booster, and the mystery of poor RV Park Wi-Fi will be solved. With a booster, if your experience is still poor, then there is a bandwidth issue at the park.

Learn more about how Wi-Fi works and how to boost Wi-Fi by going to TechnoRV. TechnoRV specializes in technology products for your RV and we are the Wi-Fi boosting specialist.