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How can I Save Data While Still Streaming Videos?

How can I Save Data While Still Streaming Videos?

Posted by Tami Johnson on Jul 2nd 2015

You probably know that higher quality video uses more data to stream, but did you know that your favorite video services may be set to stream the highest quality by default (and use up the most data)? Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube all have quality options, and automatically select the highest quality that your connection speed can currently handle. This is great for getting high quality video, but not so great for your data limit each month! You can lower these by clicking on the gear icon on the video player for YouTube and Hulu. In Netflix, just go to Your Account, then Your Profile, and look under Playback Settings.

Netflix Step 1: (found in the top right corner of your computer screen) Click "Your Account" once you log in to your account.

Netflix Step 2: Click "Playback Settings"

Netflix Step 3: Choose the level of playback you would like for your videos.

As a default, these services could be streaming video quality to the tune of up to 7 GB per hour, and you can get that as low as 0.3 GB per hour. You could cut your data usage from streaming video by up to 95%! Now, if you live in a house and you are connected to unlimited WiFi, decreasing the quality of a video may make no sense to you, but when you travel in an RV and pay for every GB of data you use, sacrificing a little video quality can save you a lot of money in the long run. Your picture quality won’t be quite as nice, but you’ll appreciate not having to shell out for extra data at the end of the month!