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Spring Cleaning Your RV: Wash Wax All and Norwex

Spring Cleaning Your RV: Wash Wax All and Norwex

Posted by Tami Johnson on Jul 29th 2016

Wash Wax All

At most of the RV rallies we go to we see the Wash Wax All vendors, and I have always wondered if this stuff works. Apparently the draw is to be able to wash your RV without water, which is attractive since some parks frown at you washing the RV in your site. Over the past year we have become friends with Gary and Linda of G&L Services, and I naturally asked him about the Wash Wax All product that he sells. I ended up buying a kit from him that included everything I needed to get going. Once I used it for the first time, I was addicted to this stuff.

Now let me say, just because you have a fancy wash pole and pads does not mean that it is not hard work. I have used the product several times and each time have gotten a good work out when applying the product. The product is great, and it is easy to use, but be prepared to use some muscle when applying. You simply spray the product on the RV and then use the double sided pads on the wash pole to wipe it on, and then dry it off. The results are awesome, and even my front windshield is like brand new. My RV has not been this clean in a long time. It really puts a good shine on the RV, and because it is easy to use, I find myself cleaning the RV more often, even if it is just small portions at a time. I have to really like a product to recommend it, and Wash Wax All gets a thumbs up from me. Contact Gary at G&L Specialties, and he can get you what you need to get started.


Okay, I'll admit it. I was a cleaning product addict. My cabinets overflowed with a variety of window cleaners, furniture polishes, antibacterial kitchen cleaners, stainless steel cleaners…you name it. This wasn’t a huge problem when we lived in a house, but once we moved into an RV where space is limited, it became an issue. I needed to find one product that would clean multiple surfaces well. I tried everything, but no one product seemed to get things as clean as I wanted them. As a matter of fact, nothing I’ve ever used have ever been able to take any of my showers back to “showroom” quality like I wanted them to.

At the FROG Rally, a fellow RVer invited me over to show me something in her RV and I was amazed at how clean it looked – not meaning it wasn’t lived in, but the surfaces in her kitchen and bathroom were spotless, including the shower door. How was that possible? No matter what I use in my bathroom, I always have some type of spot or streak somewhere when the sun shines through. She told me she used Norwex and proceeded to show me how it worked. She took Vaseline and rubbed it all over her mirror (which stressed me out immediately). She wet the Norwex rag and simply wiped the Vaseline off leaving a perfectly clean, streak-free mirror – using only water! I didn’t need to see much more. I was sold.

I immediately bought some Norwex products the following day, and let me tell you – they are fabulous! With a Norwex Antibacterial EnviroCloth / Polishing Cloth and water only, my shower looks like the day we bought the RV. There isn’t a spot on it, and the glass in my RV is the cleanest it has ever been, and all with water only. (There goes about 4-5 cleaning products from under the counter.) The Norwex dusting mitt was also super easy to use and picked up so much additional dust, even after I had cleaned using my usual dusting products. We also purchased the Norwex Microfiber Mop. We had been using the Bona mop and cleaner for tile, and since we have a 65 pound slobbering dog living with us, we use it often. We have shiny tile so I was nervous about not only the Norwex mop being able to clean “Lincoln” up, but also being able to do so without leaving spots. Boy, was I wrong. With water only, the mop cleaned the floors to a shine without any streaks. No more buying $10 Bona cleaner every few weeks, and no more having to store floor cleaners under my sink. Finally, I bought the Antibacterial Washcloths, and as promised, they easily remove my makeup with water only – mascara and all. (I won’t even go into how many facial cleaning products I had in my cabinet before these.)

Okay, so how do they work? The Norwex cloths are a microfiber that is apparently 1/200th of a human hair and if one cloth’s fibers were stretched out, they could reach from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. This allows the cloths to pick up dirt better. Some also have a silver agent inside the fibers which clean up to 99% of the bacteria from the surfaces (using only water) and keep the cloths from getting gross between cleaning. I really don’t care how it works though; I just know it does. I now have more space under my counters, feel great about using less chemicals and products, have a cleaner RV, and will be saving money in the long run in cleaning products. If you haven’t tried them, I highly encourage you to do so. They work really well and save so much space in the RV. (I don't have the name of the vendor I purchased from anymore, but you can get them off Amazon or find a supplier near you online.)