TechnoRV and the Rand McNally RV Tablet 70

TechnoRV and the Rand McNally RV Tablet 70

Posted by Eric Johnson on Oct 20th 2017

The Rand McNally RV Tablet 70 is the next level RV GPS and sells for only $299.99. Last year’s Tablet model sold for $499.99! So you can see that Rand McNally is dedicated to getting these to customers at a lower price point. The Tablet has all of the functionality of a Rand McNally GPS, and it all comes in a 7 inch Android Tablet. This model is WiFi enabled so you can get live weather overlays, fuel prices on your route, and live traffic.

The screen is a true tablet screen so the responsiveness to touching it is very nice. This unit also comes with a built in dash camera. All you do is tell the unit to turn on the dash camera and it works in the background to record your trip. The dash camera is built in to the back of the GPS unit so as long as it is positioned appropriately you will get a nice video of your trip. The Tablet 70 also comes with the Rand McNally Road Atlas, so no more carrying around the big Atlas book. You can plan your trips with the popular Rand McNally Trip Maker app that is built into this unit as well. You just create a trip right on the Tablet 70 and then load it into navigation. The Tablet 70 mount is magnetic, so it is very easy to pop the tablet off and pop it back on.

The magnetic mount also has a GPS boost in it to make sure you are getting maximum GPS signal. The magnetic mount is one of my favorite features. Because the Tablet 70 is a true tablet, you can stream music, check emails, and download plenty of apps from the Amazon app store. (This unit does not download apps from the Google Play store.) The Tablet 70 also has a video input so you can connect a back-up camera to it if you want to. The Rand McNally RV Tablet 70 is a winner, and for $299.99 it is an incredible value. Remember, last year’s tablet model was $499.99, so getting into a GPS Tablet just got a lot less expensive, and you get all of the same great feature and more.

Check out our unboxing video!

Don’t forget, this unit comes with the TechnoRV Learning Series and Support. Also, I see Camping World is selling these for $349.99 and has them on sale for $319.99. That doesn’t seem like a sale to me when we have them for $299.99.