TechnoRV and the Rand McNally RVND 7

TechnoRV and the Rand McNally RVND 7

Posted by Eric Johnson on Sep 15th 2017

The Rand McNally RVND 7 is considered the base model, but with all of its features it is hard to consider this as anything other than a complete RV GPS system. The price is amazing and you get all of the award winning GPS functions from Rand McNally and all of the points of interest. This unit comes with a 7 inch screen and a nice windshield mount that allows you to pop the unit on and off of the mount very easily. The unit is thinner than the previous 7730/7735 model and has the feel of a tablet. You will get a 12 volt power supply and a USB cable that can be used for updates. This system includes free lifetime map updates. There are several features I really like about this unit; first, the touch screen is very responsive. 

I noticed that previous models were not as responsive, but this one is very easy to navigate. It includes a stylus as well. I love the new mount, as the screen basically sits in the mount and when you need it you pop it out of the mount, and then you just pop it back in. The battery life in this unit is better than previous models. Keep in mind, this GPS is designed to be used while plugged into power, but if you take it off of power you can expect to get about 45 minutes to an hour out of a full battery. This is plenty of time to make route adjustments, and then get it back on power. The price is ridiculously good at $199.99. I spoke to my Rand McNally Representative, and they told me that they made lower pricing a priority, while still packing in all of the features and quality of the unit. Resellers make less money on the new units than they did on previous years models, so I presume that is where some of the price decrease came from, and I am okay with that.

My overall impression of this model is very favorable. I believe that anyone that has considered getting a RV GPS in the past will for sure pull the trigger on this one considering the features and price. Even those with smaller travel trailers can now enjoy a RV GPS without the heartburn of a higher price.

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