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TST Tire Pressure Monitoring Reviews

TST Tire Pressure Monitoring Reviews

Posted by Eric Johnson on Apr 29th 2016

Considering a TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System, but you aren't sure about the product? Listen to what some fellow RVers have to say about the TST TPMS they bought from us recently:

TST TPMS Systems I just replaced my Tire Traker TT-400C tpms purchased in 2/2012 with a Truck Systems Technologies 507 flow through tpms purchased 5/2016. Both systems were purchased from TechnoRV and both were using repeaters. The difference is like daylight and dark and for less than $50 I would not think of installing one without the repeater. When using the Tire Traker it would take many, many miles before all four tires on the trailer were registering and you have to manually scroll through the tires to see each one. With the TST system all four tires were registering within five minutes of turning it on and the fiver was stationary with the truck parked about 15 feet in front of it. This system continuously scrolls through all of the tires you have programed into it or you can scroll through them manually. The automatic scrolling is great as far as we are concerned. The TST system with repeater was $344.90. My repeater is mounted in the front bay of my fiver and is spliced into the wiring of the 12volt light in that bay. I have nothing to do with this system other than I just acquired one and better yet my bride loves it. There will be peace in the truck on the next trip! The system I got has six sensors because I may be going back to a motorhome or I may be pulling a boat behind my fiver. Besides getting six sensors is cheaper than getting a system with four and buying two more later. This system will handle up to 22 wheels and you can program it to work with pressures and temperatures of your choosing. I definitely recommend the TST system to anyone who does not already have a TPMS or to anyone who has an old style like I did. You can choose flow through sensors or caps as you wish.- Frank "The box arrived promptly by UPS. Everything was neatly packaged and the instructions where very complete. I mounted the receiving unit in the truck per the instructions and installed the transmitters on each wheel after tagging them with the supplied numbered tags. Once the system activated it registered the tire pressure as advertised. I am completely satisfied with this product."- Doug"Bought the 4 channel system to try it out on my Truck and was so impressed I immediately bought another four sensors for my travel trailer. Works great . No issues. Dodge 2500 Quad Cab Diesel PU and 19' Toy Hauler"-Roy

"When I asked who has a good tire pressure monitoring system, Dick Lorntson at Precision Frame & Alignment in Elk River, MN, he said:

'Go to Technorv and buy what they sell. No one has better customer service than they do and their TPMS is good.'Precision Frame & Alignment fixed the sway and mushy steering in my RV so I took their word for it . I bought a TST 507 Tire Pressure Monitoring System with 06 Flow Thru Sensors for my RV and they work great on my 2016 Winnebago Vista."-Steven