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What is That Smell Coming From my RV Sink?

What is That Smell Coming From my RV Sink?

Posted by Tami Johnson on Nov 27th 2015

When I decided to become a fulltime RVer over a year ago, I knew there were things that I was going to have to get used to that I had never had to deal with while living in a house. Washing dishes to me used to mean loading and unloading them - never actually washing them; the toilets I was used to didn't require me to use my foot to flush them; and I was use to being able to actually walk into my closet instead of barely being able to get my clothes into it.

I've adjusted to everything and then some, and I absolutely love the RV life, but time and time again, there was one thing about it that I just could not get used to...the odors coming from my sink when I turned my water on! When you live in such a small place, any smell is pretty serious, and we kept having odors coming from the sink for no reason at all. We would turn the water on to wash dishes or just to fill Lincoln's water bowl and a horrid smell would come up from the drain that was disgusting. No woman wants to make effort cleaning her home only to have it stink when the water is turned on! I started googling and searching for answers because I couldn't take the thought of my home stinking every time I turned the water on. Something had to give. I had no experience with the idea of carrying my sink/shower water waste with me everywhere, so I wasn't sure just what I should expect. Was I wanting too much when I didn't want to smell anything when I turned my water on?

Needless to say, we tried everything. We bought many grey tank treatments and tried the GEO method when we moved. The cleaners wouldn't take care of the odor, and although the GEO method cleaned the tank well (and I love it for cleaning the black tank), it never removed the odor once I started using the sink again. Enter my new favorite product -- Elemonate! It is not only a grey tank deodorizer but also freshens sink/drain lines, and dissolves grease and organic sludge. Organic sludge is all of the food that comes from plants or animals that is biodegradeable. As much as we try to keep these things from our sink drains, we all know some ends up there, and boy do they stink once they get in there -- especially in the heat! Even though I know bettter, I am definitely guilty of the lazy move of shoving a corn kernel or spaghetti noodle down the drain after a dish washing session!

Elemonate is a quick-dissolving tablet that smells like fresh lemon. One tablet is good for a 60-gallon grey tank and works for a kitchen sink or a shower drain, though we haven't tried it in the shower drain yet. From the first time we used it, we have had NO odors coming from the sink drain, and I cook/clean in my kitchen daily. After emptying the tanks, I just drop one in the sink and spray some water on it and it dissolves in less than a minute (and smells great while dissolving!). From empty to full, my tank is odor-free! It may seem like a small thing, but I love to know that the tank has something in it working against all the food and grease that might end up in it while I'm washing dishes.

If you have been having any issues with odors from your grey tanks, you should give Elemonate a try. If you are like me, you love to fill your RV with wonderful scents like candles, cleaners (yes, I like the smell of a good cleaner), yummy food, and more. With Elemonator, you no longer have to work against the not-so-wonderful scent coming from your sink!