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  • WiFi Tube Replacement

    WiFi Tube Replacement

    This is a replacement part for the External Booster Tube WiFi Booster. If you need to replace the bottom tube portion of the unit, then this is the part.  To replace the top antenna, visit here...

    TechnoRV Price: $44.95
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  • WiFi Tube Replacement Antenna

    This is the replacement antenna for the Booster Tube and CampPro Kit.   It does not include the base transmitter. 9 dB gain WiFi antenna Fits base of Booster Tube and CampPro Tube

    TechnoRV Price: $35.00
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  • WiFi USB Repeater

    WiFi USB Repeater

    This is the newest version of the Alfa repeater called the R36A. This is the upgrade to the previous R36 model. The R36A has been updated to include easier set up, and faster throughput...

    TechnoRV Price: $79.95
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