Surge Guard Accessories

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  • 6 Foot Cable Lock

    6 Foot Cable Lock

    This is a 6 foot by 3/16 inch cable lock, and is great for locking your Portable Surge Guard 34930 or 34950 to the electrical pedestal. The portable Surge Guard units come with a locking ring and this cable lock easily slips through the ring and around...

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  • Surge Guard Display Monitor

    Surge Guard Display Monitor and Cable

    This Surge Guard display monitor brings the information from your hard wired electrical protection system into your RV so you can see the data at a glance. Joystick for easy navigation, and your voltage and amperage draw is at your fingertips. In...

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  • Surge Guard Generator Bonding Plug

    Most portable generators have a floating neutral. The Surge Guard electrical protection units will see this as a open ground condition and not allow power to pass through. To solve this problem you simply plug this bonding plug into a 15A receptacle on...

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  • Surge Guard Over Voltage Adapter

    Surge Guard Over Voltage Adapter

    The Surge Guard Over-voltage adapter provides connected equipment with over voltage and limited surge protection. Anything plugged into this adapter will be shut off if the voltage gets above 140. Over Voltage can be caused by any number of issues, and...

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