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Cellular Booster Components

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  • Suction Cup Antenna Mount

    Suction Cup Antenna Mount

    The Suction Cup Antenna Mount is the perfect solution to mounting your WiFi or Cellular Antenna. This Suction Cup Mount will mount to any smooth, non-porous surface, so naturally the sides of your RV will work perfectly. Just attach the suction cup mount...

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  • RG58 Low Loss Foam Coax Cable

    WeBoost 15' RG58 Low-Loss Foam Coax Cable

    This 15-foot cable can be used to extend the length of the inside antenna and/or outside mini magnetic antenna cable on our 4G-X kit. Some customers would like more cable on their inside antenna so they can move it to different areas of their RV. www...

    TechnoRV Price: $24.99
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  • WeBoost 4GX-OTR Antenna WeBoost 4GX-OTR Antenna Package

    WeBoost 4GX-OTR Antenna - Truck Edition

    The OTR Antenna can be used with any of our Weboost Cellular Boosting 4G-X systems. The OTR antenna is more powerful than the mini-magnetic antenna that comes with the 4G-X kit so many customers like to add this to their set-up. This is designed to be...

    TechnoRV Price: $99.99
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  • WeBoost AC Power Supply

    WeBoost AC Power Supply for 4G-X Kits

    This is the AC power supply that works with all of our 4G-X kits. The 4G-X and 4G-X OTR kit only come with a DC power supply so it is nice to have an AC power supply also.

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  • Desktop Antenna For Weboost

    WeBoost Desktop Antenna

    This desktop inside antenna is a great addition to the Drive 4G-M or Drive 4G-X. The 4G Drive kits come with the smaller flat bar inside antenna. By adding this desktop antenna as a replacement of the smaller flat bar that comes with these kits you will...

    TechnoRV Price: $29.99
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  • WeBoost Low Profile Inside Antenna

    WeBoost Low Profile Inside Antenna

    This low profile antenna is the replacement antenna in the 4G-X cellular boosting kit. It is also a great addition to the 4G-X RV kit, as it allows you to move the kit from the RV to the car or truck without moving all of the components. www.P65Warnings...

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  • WeBoost Mini Magnet Antenna

    WeBoost Mini Magnetic Antenna

    This mini magnetic antenna is the one that comes with the Drive 4G-X. If you are looking to replace or get an extra one, this is the one to get. Many RVers will get an extra antenna so that if they move the booster to a different vehicle, like from a...

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