WiFi Booster Components

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  • 16' Active USB WiFi Extension Cable

    16' Active USB WiFi Extension Cable

    We do not recommend the use of non-active USB extension cables with WiFi boosters as we have seen numerous technical issues. This extension cable is "active" meaning that it uses some of the computer's power to amplify the signal, like a mini USB-hub...

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  • Alfa High Power Desktop WiFi Booster

    Alfa High Power Desktop WiFi Booster

    The Alfa High Power Desktop Booster now has double the sending power of our previous model. When compared to the built-in WiFi adapter of our laptop, the Alfa performed at about 10-12x the performance level. The beauty of this booster is its size and...

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  • External WiFi Booster Tube

    External WiFi Booster Tube

    When you need more range to access usable WiFi, the External WiFi Booster Tube does the trick. It combines a powerful WiFi booster with an 9 dB omni-directional antenna. The antenna connects directly to the booster minimizing any signal loss over lengthy...

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  • Long Range WiFi Yagi Antenna

    Long Range WiFi Yagi Antenna

    The WiFi Yagi antenna is a great accessory for the Alfa Desktop WiFi Booster. At 16 dBi, the Yagi is more than 10x as sensitive as the Alfa's standard 5 dBm antenna meaning that it will do a much better job of "pulling in" a weak WiFi signal such as...

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  • Low Loss Antenna Extension Cable (16')

    This 16' LMR cable is used to connect the TechnoRV Yagi Antenna to the Desktop WiFi Booster. It is not required, but it is useful if you want to mount the Yagi antenna outside as the Yagi only comes with a few feet of feet cable...

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  • R36 Repeater 12 Volt Charger

    R36 Repeater 12 Volt Charger

    This cord is designed to work with your R36A Repeater. You can now keep your R36 Repeater powered up with 12 volt power. Just plug this into a 12 volt port and connect to the R36 Repeater. We have a lot of requests for the flexibility of using 12 volt,...

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  • TechnoRV Antenna Suction Cup view without clamps installed

    Suction Cup Antenna Mount

    The Suction Cup Antenna Mount is the perfect solution to mounting your WiFi or Cellular Antenna. This Suction Cup Mount will mount to any smooth, non-porous surface, so naturally the sides of your RV will work perfectly. Just attach the suction cup mount...

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  • WiFi Tube Replacement

    WiFi Tube Replacement

    This is a replacement part for the External Booster Tube WiFi Booster. If you need to replace the bottom tube portion of the unit, then this is the part.  To replace the top antenna, visit here. 1-watt Transmitter Tube 16 feet of USB cable

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  • WiFi USB Repeater

    WiFi USB Repeater

    This is the newest version of the Alfa repeater called the R36A. This is the upgrade to the previous R36 model. The R36A has been updated to include easier set up, and faster throughput speeds. If you are using the R36 with a Alfa Desktop...

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